Our History

While spending time as publishers using affiliate marketing as our main method of monetization, we began to notice a lackadaisical approach marketing agencies were taking when it came to managing partnerships.

As publishers ourselves who have worked for years driving revenue to brands, we’ve worked closely with a number of partner marketing agencies.

As our experiences expanded, we witnessed a lack of personalization regarding the way brands were represented.

We believe identifying what sets your company and product apart is one of its greatest selling points. Adding to this, our understanding of the publisher space means we know what it takes to cultivate a successful partnership, leading to steady, year over year revenue increases.

Our time as publishers revealed to us how large of a gap there was regarding brand representation, which led to our desire to provide better partner marketing.

Our Mission

At Peer Curve, we connect the space between new or existing products or services and the publishers that are already generating traffic with buyer intent.

Through in-depth research and analysis, we locate ideal partners, and provide a personalized pitch on your behalf that suits your company culture in order to expand the brand you’ve worked hard to lay the foundation for. 

Representation matters; we operate with flexibility best-suited to your aesthetic and mission, meaning your brand is presented in a cohesive manner.

We take the responsibility of being the first point of contact for publishers to your brand seriously, which is why we put a supreme focus on customer service and proactive communication.


We are confident in knowing what is important to brands and publishers alike due to our years of experience in the space.

This personal insight empowers us to operate in a more detail-oriented way, reinforcing stronger, growing connections between brands and those with an audience who speak about them.

We do the work of creating, building and managing a successful affiliate program in order to energetically propel your brand’s revenue further and expand the boundaries of where your company currently stands.

We operate from a growth mindset, rather than scarcity, so the three of us – you, Peer Curve and publishers – can band together to expand the pie we have the opportunity to feed ourselves from.

We look forward to partnering with you and becoming a customized megaphone for your company, loud enough to reach places not yet exposed to the value of the products and services you’ve created.

Peer Curve exists as the economically savvy, incredibly efficient and surprisingly powerful marketing choice that will build and/or expand the bridge you effortlessly walk across to get to the growing side of success in a new or existing marketing model.

Let's Work Together