Our Process


For brands that don’t yet have an affiliate program, we offer program creation from start to finish, including planning, strategy, and implementation. 

Our team of affiliate marketing experts will work with your brand to find a personalized solution that best suits the needs of your business. 

This step in the process includes negotiating with affiliate networks (if applicable), affiliate tracking software setup, integrating your program with your website, adding an affiliate marketing page to your website, as well as ad design.

As a side note, we’ll work to revise the existing program of your brand if you so choose.


Partner marketing would be nothing if not for solid partnerships. 

Having extensive experience in the affiliate marketing industry, including years on the publishing side, we understand what content creators are looking for and how we can leverage their interests for your success. 

After understanding your brand, we’ll work tirelessly to build long-term partnerships that result in YOY revenue increases.

From the initial recruitment of affiliates to the development of partnerships over time, we ensure your brand is being marketed in a genuine and accurate manner.


While it’s one thing to create an affiliate program, it’s another thing entirely to manage and maintain it throughout the life of your brand. 

For brands whose programs we’ve helped to create, as well as brands who have existing programs, we’ll handle all aspects of your affiliate program, leaving you more time to focus on your products and services.

As we manage your program, we’ll provide ongoing reporting, including data analyzation, goal fulfillment, and revenue projections.

Our dialed-in team will keep you abreast regarding where your program has been, where it is, and where it’s going.



Your brand, customers, and the internet are all ever-evolving entities. 

As such, a successful affiliate program needs to also change over time as the needs and requirements of the parties involved progress. 

The last pillar in our process, and arguably the most important, is Evolve. 

We understand the importance of refining a program over time and continue to learn and adapt our processes and methodologies.

Throughout the management of your program, we’ll hone our marketing tactics with affiliates and try out new ways to propel your brand forward, making sure your program never goes stale.


Partner Marketing, in a nutshell, involves a few businesses collaborating to create synergy. Due to the nature of partnership marketing, all parties know exactly what they’re signing up for. 

Although there are a few different forms partner marketing can take, the most common, and usually synonymous with ‘partner marketing’ is affiliate marketing. 

By way of hyperlinks and tracking pixels, brands can work with publishers to promote their wares and effectively track revenue driven by each individual publisher. 

While the location and placement of the hyperlink can vary across websites and applications, the end goal is the same: brands generating additional revenue and sharing a piece of that revenue with their partners (publishers). 

The beauty of partner marketing, specifically affiliate marketing, means brands pay publishers based on performance rather than placement. 

The affiliate marketing industry is fast-growing, and rightly so. As an agency of this marketing model, we understand the success that can be realized from a well-executed affiliate program. 

By combining your brand, our expertise and partnership marketing, we are confident in the impact this collaboration can have on your bottom line.



The performance-based nature of affiliate marketing means publishers aren’t paid until the traffic they drive to a brand results in a sale.

At Peer Curve, we take that performance-based model a step further, as we ourselves require no upfront or flat rate fees.

Due to our strongly held beliefs in our expertise and in the model of affiliate marketing, our work is not rewarded until we prove ourselves by way of new revenue.


We've Seen It All

Prior to starting Peer Curve, we were on the other side of things, working to drive traffic to brands as publishers.

As such, we have a unique perspective in the partnership marketing space that other agencies don’t.

Seeing that we’ve had the opportunity to fully understand the parties involved in the process, we are better suited to meet publishers where they’re at in order to best grow the partner marketing line of your business.

Personalized Process

Having worked with various brands, publishers, and other partner marketing agencies, we understand how varied the needs and requirements of each brand can be.

That being said, we pride ourselves on taking an individualistic approach with each brand we work with, ensuring a tailored and distinct campaign.


Holistic Approach

Additionally, the uncommon experience we’ve had in the space has led to our recognition of the importance a holistic approach has in partner marketing.

We believe that each part of the process is equally important, which leads to an exhaustive, lay everything out on the table approach to creating and managing your program.

Let's Work Together